ALHAMD Educational System (AES) was established with a missionary fervor in the year 1995 as a Non-governmental Organization with the primary objective to cater the needs of the Educational Sector. In a short span of time, with relentless efforts, the society has not only succeeded in sheer creation of network of University, Institution/colleges and schools like Al Islamic University, Al Hamd Schools Network, Dar-e-Arqam School of Islam & Modern Sciences, Balochistan Institute of Technology, and Dar-e-Arqam Informatics, Research & Development centers like BITSOFT, and Quran Research Academy; but has also achieved the hallmark in setting new vistas in the quality of educational standards right from grass root to higher Level.

Great Muslim scientists, by exploring basic sciences, gave almost all sciences the present shape, because they were loyal to Allah and they used AL Quran as the basic frame of reference for their Research and studies. After renaissance of Europe, they elaborated the research of the Muslims to the modern disciplines of Science & Technology. Unfortunately we.�

  • Are diverted towards the wrong destination;
  • Separated the modern education from Religion;
  • Are lacking of intuition; and

Do not explore the doors opened by our ancestors and as the consequences, we are suffering.

ALHAMD EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM step forward for designing, promoting and providing such educational system, which will promise the development of Nation in all fields of knowledge keeping in view the Islamic oriental and National values.